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Whiplash is a term describing injuries to the spine caused by a sudden distortion of the spinal structure.  Whiplash is commonly associated with a car accident, but it is also related to falls and sporting injuries.

Signs of whiplash

Symptoms reported by car accident victims include: headaches, neck and shoulder pain, mid back pain, low back pain, sciatica, pins and needles &/or numbness, pinches nerves, sleep disturbance, and digestive problems.


With the sudden distortion of the spine, the bones in the spine are knocked out of alignment. Because of a car accident, damage to the muscles, ligaments, and disc can occur. Nerves may be stretched, compressed, and irritated


Like a broken bone, proper alignment can promote healing of injured tissue. Specific gentle chiropractic adjustments with range of motion exercises can decrease healing times.

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Dr. Grimm runs a very professional office in Merritt Island Fl. He takes no shortcuts, he identifies what the problem is and whether he can help or not. After years of sciatic and lower back pain, I went in to see Dr. Grimm. Within one week I had significant relief from this chronic pain. I still go to the Chiropractic Clinic to maintain my spines alignment and I could not be happier with the service. I recommend Dr. Grimm to everyone I meet that is having back or neck problems.

David M.
Merritt Island, FL

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